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General Introduction Of Surfboards, Quickly Choose The Surfboard That Suits You

There are many types of surfboards, which cannot be generalized. It depends on what angle you are dividing. Generally speaking, when we talk about surfboards, we will first think of what material, size and shape are the differences. In this regard, let me share with you the different types of surfboards to help you get a general understanding of surfboards.

Classified by material:

1. EPS board: the conventional choice of most surfboard industry brands, the most common surfboard;

2. PU board: more friendly to novices, more common in general club teaching;

3. Inflatable board: solves the problem of inconvenience in carrying the hard board, it is recommended for players with a certain foundation to use.

According to size:

Short board under 1.7 feet: It is a technical wave board, which requires high skills for surfers;

2.7-8 feet 6 middle board: generally the board has a round head, suitable for surfers with a certain foundation;

3.8 feet 6 or more longboard: low requirements for surfing skills, suitable for beginners.

In addition, it can be divided into different shapes. The heads have pointed and round heads; there are more plate tails, including round tails, flat tails, dovetails, fish tails, pointed tails, diamond tails, battails, etc.

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