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What To Use To Shrink Wrap Items?

In our constant effort to provide our customers with the products and equipment needed to ensure safe and secure shipping, we are happy to offer a wide variety of dependable and cost efficient shrink wrap.

Our selection of shrink film includes PVC shrink films, shrink tubing, shrink film bags, Syfan polyolefin shrink film, Bollore polyolefin shrink film, IPG Exlfilm-Plus polyolefin shrink film, and IPG Exlfilm-Plus LTG shrink film. We also offer shrink wrap equipment such as heavy duty shrink film systems, shrink film service kits, and shrink film heat guns.

PVC Shrink Wrap
Our PVC shrink wrap is dependable and easy to use. It seals at a lower temperature for fast production and provides crystal clear, high gloss packaging for non-food products while being available in several different sizes to suit varying applications.

Other benefits of our PVC shrink film include:

Can be used with portable or automatic equipment
Excellent on delicate packages that could bend with high shrink force films
Good memory
Good storage characteristics
Great for retail applications
High internal tear resistance
Impact and abrasion resistance
Wrinkle free shrinkage on a variety of shape
shrink wrap items
Pre-Made Shrink Film Bags
In addition to shrink wrap and shrink film we are also happy to offer our customers shrink film bags. Shrink film bags are pre-made PVC bags designed to save time. Our flat shrink film bags are ideal for CDs, DVDs, software, books and other flat items.

They are manufactured from clear PVC film, shrink at low temperature with a heat gun and are easy to open. For your convenience we also feature a two temperature heat gun as well as a variable temperature heat gun. Domed shrink wrap bags are also available and are perfect for wrapping gift baskets. Domed shrink wrap bags eliminate dog eared corners and give gift baskets a professional look without any visible seams. Just like our other shrink wrap bags, domed shrink wrap bags shrink at low temperature with a heat gun and are easy to open.

shrink wrap items
Custom Sized Shrink Wrap Tubing
To suit the unique requirements of our customers we also offer shrink wrap tubing. Shrink wrap tubing is a type of shrink bag that is used to make custom sized shrink wrap packaging bags. Like other shrink wrap bags, shrink wrap tubing is manufactured with extremely clear and glossy PVC film. It is pre-sealed on 2 sides and like our other shrink wrap packaging bags, shrinks at low temperatures.

Syfan Films: This family of films is user-friendly, strong, bioriented, has anti-fog properties and is perfect for a wide range of fresh product packaging applications. The innovative crosslink provides strong, durable seals and excellent shrinkage. The composition of this film enables outstanding performance on flow pack machines even at high rates.

IPG Exlfilm Plus and IPG Exlfilm plus LTG polyolefin shrink films are also extremely reliable shrink wrap solutions. IPG exlfilm is a multi-layer and puncture resistant shrink film which meets FDA standards for direct food contact is i great for cold temperature storage.

Exlfilm plus LTG polyolefin shrink film offers amazing performance at a lighter gauge to help you save money without sacrificing quality or value. The LTG film composition is 25% thinner than other shrink films available and offers the same versatility and strength. In addition, LTG film operates on all sealing and shrink wrap equipment and offers consistently strong seals over a wide range of demanding temperatures. For retail presentations, LTG shrink wrap also features excellent clarity and gloss.

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