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How To Choose The Right Size Of Candle Wicks

Choosing the right candle wick is the most important decision a candle manufacturer needs to make.

For a candle manufacturer, how to choose the right candle wick for different candle recipes and processes may be the most difficult and most important decision.

However, there is no chart that can tell us which candle wick is most suitable for which candle. This is because each candle manufacturer has its own candle formula, using different waxes, additives, fragrances and colors, and these are all Factors affecting the selection of candle wicks. Therefore, we need-a careful test process method to select the appropriate candle wick.

How to choose the right size of candle wicks
There are many methods for candle burning test.
Wax board test

Here, we provide a relatively simple, fast and effective method for candle testing, which can be used for the initial selection of candle wicks in the laboratory. If customers are not particularly clear about our products, they can use this method for simple testing :

(1). Use your column wax formula, including material, color, flavor and other additives to make a thick wax board. This wax board can burn for at least 4 to 5 hours.

How to choose the right size of candle wicks
Note: The formula of the wax board must be the same as the formula of the candle you are making!

(2). Put small eyes on the wax board at a distance, put different types of candle wicks, and light them at the same time. During the burning process, you can observe the burning situation of the candle, such as the position of the candle, the size of the flame, and whether there is Black smoke, tears, carbon deposits, etc. After more than 5 hours, you can measure the diameter of the wax pool around the wax wick of each model. The diameter of the wax pool is the diameter of the candle that this wax wick can apply to. So choose the right wax wicks.

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