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100% Flakes Soy Wax Is Candle Wax For Candle Making Supplied By Us As Candle Wax

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Soy wax refers to a wax produced by the production of hydrogenated soybean oil. It include two types: flakes and bulk. Both 100% flakes soy wax and 100% bulk soy wax are manufactured by us.

It is the main raw material, namely candle wax for candle making, essential oils and scented candles. Especially, 100% flakes soy wax is made into glass candle. If you need colorful candles, the dye can be added. Just like the jar candles as follow.

Of course, there are many other different raw material for making candle, such as paraffin wax 58-60, coconut wax, palm wax, etc. However, 100% flakes soy wax is the best one for Jar candle making. Because it is easier to melting and it is 100% natural. That means soy wax is green and healthy.

In general, the advantages of soy wax: low price, the cup wax is not removed from the cup, the column wax cools quickly, is easy to demould, does not crack, the pigment is evenly dispersed, and can not afford flowers. It burns 30-50% longer than paraffin. Non-toxic and environmentally friendly. It does not produce carcinogens when burned, and the waste is biodegradable. Save heat source and help operators to produce safely.

As candle wax manufacturers, we can supply you the soy wax with good quality and much cheaper price. In addition, if you meet some problem suddenly, professional technologies can be supported to you. For example, why some soy wax candles do not melt well? Why it is not smooth on the surface of candle? Do not worry. Just write email to me or call me +8613810091294.

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